A Way to Impress My Love

For a long time, I never believed that I would never fall in love. There were girls that I liked in the past, but they did not feel the same way about me. That way of thinking change for me when I went to college. I met the woman of my dreams. I met a beautiful young woman named Mina. She had a gymnastics scholarship and transferred for Japan. I feel in love with her instantly. One day, I tried to impress her with a gymnastic move. I hurt myself. I searched for Valley Village chiropractors to heal my body.

Mina was a new transfer student at our university. I was completely smitten by her. She was fluent in English, Japanese, and Korean. She was also very intelligent. Her major was physics. I thought she was the perfect girl for me. I was scared that I would not have a chance with her. Much to my surprise, we had a film class together. I sat right next to her during class. She did not mind one bit. Mina and I began to talk with each other both inside and out of class. We became good friends.

Mina was quite a catch. A lot of guys liked her. One guy was Pat, one of my classmates. I did not like how he would try to put the moves on Mina right in front of my face. Everywhere we went, he somehow always followed us. One day, I tried to make Pat jealous by impressing Mina with a trick. I jumped onto a balance beam and tried to do a flip. I slipped and his the mat hard. My back was in serious pain. Mina knew first aid and was able to help me.

I went to a chiropractor and he ran some tests. He told me my back would be fine and gave me some medicine for the pain. Mina was so kind to help me.